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‘God saved me for a reason . I had to do something good and positive with my life ’ - Anna analysed his miraculous survival this positive way long back when he survived Pakistani air raid on his convoy during 1965 Indo-Pak war. This survival motivated his inborn temper to counter injustice around and help the people in trouble and thus his journey of social service from his own small village set off modestly and picked up wider range gradually. His charity from home soon reached the horizons of grave issues like corruption in govt offices, under world and many more issues like liquor mafia and RTI. His battles reflect his commitment and dedication for long ignored relevant causes. His passion for justice became his mission.

Whenever Anna goes on fast, politicians miscalculate his calm protest and call him a Fascist. Here my query is - what a follower of non- violence can do except torturing himself for the sake of society and nation. Anna’s Fastism is being tainted and criticised as Fascism… isn’t is unjust ? Who needs to clean their vision – politicians or Anna ? Well, aggressive steps are criticized, passive steps are more criticised. Which way people and its representatives should voice their problems and the wrong doings that have been going on unbarred since long. How long and how much people can remain insular ?

Lately, we have been mute spectator of constant high profile corruption in the ‘land of milk and honey’. All the milk and honey is being gulped by the robust and muscular Netas, bureaucrats and corporates and poor public remains poorer and weaker as ever. Now the season of corruption should come to an end . Corruption ridden Commonwealth games, 2G Spectrum scam left the common men in a state of awe and anger. Public had been waiting for a right crusader to initiate the agitation and this was the high time. Determined Anna came forward with a resolution to bow the govt for the sake of healthy and clean system and finally govt had to surrender. It is not the issue of victory and defeat, it’s rather a issue of the survival of the Right to rebuild our nation a better place with a difference to live in.

Hardly a few days have passed - the govt accepted Anna’s demands, politicians and other high profile officers started explaining unworthiness of Lokpal Bill and finding lacunas in it. Recently Special General of Police , crime investigation deptt – Suresh Kopade said that Lokpal Bill is inadequate to tackle corruption and would be major hurdle in the country’s develpoment. According to Mr. Suresh Kopade, more power to the ‘Lokpal’ will not serve the purpose of curbing corruption because the Indian Penal Code , Indian Law of Evidence, Criminal Procedure Code, and the Lawyers will be the same. The attitude towards the system and by-passing it, and banking on the loopholes in law will remain unchanged. In such a situation, the Lokpal system will prove to be as corrupt and inefficient as any other existing regulatory agency or system. It will transform the regular Babu into a draconian Babu. He suggests that to correct the system , it has to be restructured right from every office’s mission statement. Every office has mission statement which should be modified, made public oriented and based on moral and ethical practices. O.K. fine. I accept his logics but if govt accepts Suresh Kopade’s system, still the anomalies can take place at any level through this so called ‘scientific and sensible’ procedure also because Law of Evidence, Criminal Procedure Code, Indian Penal Code , officers and the Lawyers will be the same again ! So what major difference it will make ? Actually the need of the hour is to take the initiated crusade ahead and persons like Kapil Sibbal and Suresh Kopade should join the battle with their ‘scientific and sensible’ suggestions istead of messing up & condemning the Lokpal Bill.

Anna’s step is unimpeachable. From govt to NGOs to Corporate sector, no one can accuse him for his approach and intentions. He is the only transparent and selfless leader who can bring transparency in the corrupt system of govt and private sectors. Once this Bill is enacted, anyone, except for a public servant , can file a complaint and the Lokpal has to complete the inquiry within six months.

Since long, right from 1965 till date , every great leader from Indira Gandhi to Atal ji tried their best to have the consensus of both houses in the parliament on Lokpal Bill but it was never accepted unanimously. The bill was for the first time presented in 1968, and passed in the Lok sabha in 1969. However, the Lok Sabha was dissolved and with it - the bill too. It was again and again presented in 1971, 1977, 1985, 1989, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2005 and 2008.

Though our P.M. Manmohan Singh promised the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government would lose no time in enacting the bill. But political parties , lobbying against each other prevented it always. Again this Bill in 2010, awaited the final o.k. from a select committee. Former chief justice of the Delhi high court and Rights activist - Rajinder Sachar feels the bill is shamefully toothless & meant to give a false reassurance to the people that the govt is serious in its fight against corruption. Well, every person carries his own apprehensions, analysis, approach and vision but nobody offers the strong solution to tackle the heavy corruption all around in the country. In view of mouthy and ranting actions and reactions, Lokpal Bill seems the only panacea to uproot the corruption.

Acceptance of Anna Hazare’s demands is just the small step to push the massive iceberg of corruption away, now many small and big battles have to be fought till the Bill comes into force and is implemented properly. Implementation of the Lokpal bill will hopefully reduce and finally eradicate corruption in India.

The basic idea of the ‘Lokpal’ is borrowed from the office of the ombudsman (representative/ grievance officer) in other countries. It also provides for filing complaints of corruption against the prime minister , other ministers and members of parliament also with the ombudsman. In this regard, former chief justice of India - M. N. Venkatachelliah feels the P.M. must be out of its purview. But in a Republican country like India no body is over and above the law. Lokpal Bill once enacted must be implemented not only on govt, private sectors but autonomous organisations, NGOs and corporate sector also. Government’s efforts for the last 40 years, to enact the Lokpal Bill, now seem to be successful through Anna Hazare. We should hope for the best and prepare to welcome the bestest further.