Baba vs Black Money / Deepti Gupta

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The grave issue - black money overseas - raised by Baba Ramdev should not be lost in the mess of right to protest and emotional agitation to protect Baba from barbaric attack s. The open battle against hidden corruption is a daring one. The malady of corruption is so massive that it is not sure whether Baba will succeed in uprooting the corruption. But I am optimistically hopeful as the agitation is joined by the middle class which always headed the revolutions successfully in every age whether it was a French revolution in France or our own 1857 revolution against British Raj. Middle class since long has been the most vibrant, sensitive and thoughtful class of society who is not only aware of its rights but also carries a fire to protest against injustice. The public uproar against corruption seems threatening and it cannot stop midway. The civic agitation under the leadership of Baba has underlined the strength of united populace over a gnawing issue of black money. Now the high time has come when the massive siege of secrecy will crumble down. Public opinion is the essential domino that affirms the strength of our polity. American politician, Thomas Jefferson’s words are motivating – ‘Every generation needs a new revolution.’

It is said India has more money in Swiss banks than all other countries in the world. If the money stashed in foreign banks comes back, India can repay its entire foreign debts. If this money is invested, interest from it will be more than our annual budget, the country’s 45 crore poor can get Rs 100,000 each. Our country badly needs determined protester like Baba and effective anti- corruption law and a Lokpal that has teeth. The govt assault on peaceful protesters is a shameful act and as BJP rightly put it - another massacre that happened in Jalliawala Bagh in 1919. BJP’s intervention and coming forward in favour of Baba gives a hope that justice can alive on the earth.

The estimate of black money and black economy has always remained elusive since long. The reason is - as stated through study conducted by experts - that economic models cannot scan each & every channel through which illicit capital is generated and the myriad tricks through which it is transferred. Now the masses are no longer willing to be taken for granted. Though we cannot ignore the sincere efforts of the political class too who passed the RTI Act (UPA) but only one medicine and number of malignant maladies cannot be treated and cured fully unless constant pressure is built up to remove them from the dark bottoms. The scenario has been flashing a silver picture of the things and I hope the result comes out to be brighter.

There are sharp attacks from many corners , accusing Baba of motivation and intensifying a political movement. We must not forget that protons and electrons have a natural attraction so when any Baba or Anna in any age will stand tall against any social, political and financial abyss , they will always be hugely followed by like-minded people and thus create a history. Home minister MrP.Chidambram seems much upset about Baba’s announcement that he would set up an 11,000 strong force to deal with anti-social elements and police – whenever they would try to disrupt his agitation. What is wrong in it ? Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Guru Govind Saheb, these all peace living crusaders had to form their own brigades for the sake of justice and humanity to confront the evil elements and finally won over them . One needs to be practical besides one’s idealism to tackle the twisted people and black issues. True warriors never attack a easy prey as govt led police attacked on unwarned crowd of followers. This is a heinous crime to be always condemned. So the peaceful protesters are thus compelled to retort back the unjust actions of tyrants with the shrewd strategy, they apply on others. When the shoe was hurled on Mr. Chidaambaram , didn’t he get terrified and alert against future attacks and made proper arrangements to protect himself. Shoe was not an attack on his life, still he got protective of himself, so why not the Baba and his peace loving protesters will raise an army to protect their lives in the interest of nation….. Chidambaram said –‘ we will allow peaceful protest but we will not allow anything that will trigger a conflagration.’ Well, Mr. Chidaambaram should not forget that the govt’s unjust decisions and action thereupon are more provoking to trigger a conflagration while the protesters’ protest is only a reaction of a wrong action. He further said –‘ He himself is not opposed to anti- corruption’ - but - being against the corruption, is one thing and being the part of genuine action against the corruption, is another thing. Being a silent spectator is not enough to eradicate corruption unless you make sincere efforts to remove it from the roots. Has the govt realized the pain of the suffering masses, Baba would not have initiated the agitation but he was compelled to do so and save the nation from further damage. Difference lies between the two things. Transparency, lot of guts and strong determination - these three things are required as a team to fight against deep set corruption. Baba has taken his lean foot forward with millions of feet following him and giving him strong support not to pull it back till the long pending issue is settled properly. Bravo Baba, all like minded people are with you..!