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Woman a Goddess of beauty – ‘Venus’, incarnation of ‘motherhood’, symbol of ‘substance’, Narishakti - has one more strong attribute that is – ‘efficient worker’ in various fields. She possesses an amazing horizon of caliber, dexterity & vigour. She has proved her mettle from taxi driving to corporate world. She modestly crossed the boundaries of bedroom and confidently entered the boardroom . Fighting against the odds, facing tormenting storms, she with utter patience, calm & faith paced through unshaken. She soared to the highest plane in education, defense , corporate world & many-many more sectors.

As per the research done by some NGOs, it is found that today women have been reigning the leadership roles in almost every old & new organization . They have been giving tremendous results as opposed to their male colleagues . By each passing day, their demand in all the fields is in rife. Through their result oriented quality work they have proved that comparatively they are more efficient, dedicated, and tackle the popped up adverse situations wisely and of course, successfully. They provide quality & quantity both. Today’s educational and corporate sectors opine that they focus to sharpen the skills of their women employees and welcome new female staff from the lowest to highest posts because they are an asset to the organization they work with. They enrich the organization by their undying commitment. Undoubtedly working women are behind the all round progress and prosperity of their institutions. They are organized, persuasive, composed, sensible and smart enough to avert a risk and generate thumping success & benefits.

Surveys done by the WILL forum & KPMG speak about the great caliber of women executives. Over the last few years, woman’s capability & ability in various areas have been duly recognized. Not only in India but globally, she has been holding the reins. The roots of her amazing capacity lie in the past as long as world war II, when women used to cross the thresholds at the call of the hour to look after the family business or take charge of their men’s workplace when they were away at the warfront. During the freedom struggle in India they came forward as martyrs. In all the ages, women came forward & contributed untiringly.

This so called ‘weaker sex’ always found mentally & spiritually stronger & tougher. From education to profession females outnumber males. Recently during the unfortunate global recession , it were men who lost jobs in America, Asia & Europe and it were women who retained in & gained the jobs. In both organized & unorganized sectors women employees are in rise. Time to time study & surveys conducted by social groups & forums presented the reports stating that women tend to work more methodically & efficaciously along with taking care of their families in every way like day to day need, children’s education & health etc. In view of this they are the axis of economic & social growth. Small town & village women have also accepted challenging roles as leaders in different sectors. We can see them toiling in fields, running the shops, offices & top notch companies & at the end of the day, their homes with the same zeal & dedication. No country can flourish, no society can survive without acknowledging the contribution of its women folk.

Senator Hillary Clinton hardly a year ago, at an international women’s conference, said referring to equal rights to all the women around the world – ‘’ The subjugation of women is a direct threat to the security of the United States. The status of women is not only a matter of justice. It is also a political, economic & social imperative. It is time to declare with one voice that women’s progress is human progress.’’ Jhansi ki Rani - Lakshmi bai, Razia Sultan, Begum Hazaratmahal, Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto proved their might. Pratibha Patil, Sonia Gandhi, Super cop Kiran Bedi, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Margaret Thatcher, Sarah Palin, Anu Agha, Sulajja Firodia, Kiran Majumdar Shaw, Khalida Zia, Chandrika Kumaratungam, hands – on competent heiress Geetanjali Kiloskar, Meher Padamji, Ambika Hinduja Macker, Devita Saraf, Upasna Reddy, Rashni Nadar, Ashni Biyani….. these women have many role models. They are brilliant and carrying the huge responsibility with lots of commitment & accountability. Akshta Murthy, daughter of IT billionaire Narayan Murthy is a marketing director with Tendris, a Dutch clean tech incubator fund that is the proof of daring 21st century women entrepreneurs’ utter confidence & remarkable capability who instead of accepting their set family business, prefer to work their way up outside their family domain too.

Thus we see women all over the world are entrusted great responsibilities. Many of them carry the duties of ‘three in one’ or ‘ two in one’ package with equal energy, efficiency & wonderful management. Their bosses carry a great sense of relief leaving their established empires on them. All these success stories are not the fairy tales but the dazzling truth that woman is an indispensable unit in the progress, upliftment & prosperity of the society. Woman’s caliber, her efforts, her influence, her dedication can’t be ignored at any front. Salute to her multifaceted persona!